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Farkle Dice Addict! Pro


*** GAME DOES NOT CONTAIN ADS ***What is Farkle?
Farkle (also called or is similar to Farkel, 1000, 5000, 10000, zilch, zonk) is a simple board game like yatzy (also called yatzee or yachty) where in, all you need mainly is a dice to play!
You can play this game with three (3) or more people! Although, the more the players the longer it takes for others to have their turn.
Player begins by throwing 6 dice and build combinations such as 3 of a kind, straights to accumulate score.You Farkle and lose all points if the dice didn't hit any hands or combination.
Farkle Dice Addict! is the best casino and strategy game if you are bored with common casino games like jackpot casino slot machines and casino card games.
Farkle Dice Addict! is good for those who want to try casino related games.
Farkle Dice Addict! is a great game for you and your buddies! You can play this while having your sleepover, slumber or pajama party with your buddies!
Farkle Dice Addict! doesn't require you to be focused on the game all of the time specially when it's not your turn yet and so you can go grab a bite , eat some snacks, drink some juice, milk, beer or whatever. Heck you can even just go social with your team, check your social media, chat your friends or even check out the new trending videos! This app lets you do all of the above and just return when it's your time to roll the dice.
Have fun with this pocket casino game with friends and buddies!Casino fun anytime and anywhere!